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During the last years Roy Mangersnes has been speaker at several international events and photo festival, and on several of these as headline speaker. As a Nikon ambassador he has been attending several event also outside the Nature photo community and has evolved his presentations to suit a wide range of audience.

Key presentations include;

Arctic Odyssey – focusing on the wildlife and light of the Arctic archipelago Svalbard (45-60 min)

Galapagos exposed – on the unique wildlife of the Galapagos islands, both over and under the surface (45 min)

Afrika – a wildife photographers perspective with tips on how to photograph in Africa (45 min)

Light and behavior – how light and animal behavior is key elements in my photography (45-60 min)

Magic moments – my most magical wildlife encounters around the world (45 min)

Nordic light – visiting my favorite locations in Norway at times were light is the main focus (35 min)



My theoretical workshop is available as a 3 hour session and also a 1,5 hour shortened version. The workshop has been very popular and one can easily host several people making it into an event on its own.


To ensure quality I will be able to bring my own Epson printer using HDMI out. For best viewing I use Keynote for Mac as well as Fotomagico for slideshows and Final Cut for video.


Skjermbilde 2014-11-09 kl. 15.55.48

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