Roy Mangersnes is a trained behavioural ecologist and professional photographer living in southwestern Norway. He is former chairman of the two largest nature photography associations in Norway; BioFoto and Norwegian professional Nature photographers Association. Roy has published several books, as well as won multiple international recognitions, including awards in BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year (UK), European Wildlife Photographer of the Year – GDT (Germany), Nature Best Awards (USA), Golden Turtle (Russia), Golden Porpoise (China) and was awarded Arctic photographer of the year 2013 by the Global Arctic Awards (Russia). He is working around the world and his images are being published in magazines and books all over. Roy is also an experienced speaker and has been presenting his work at several international photo festivals.

Being a conservationist by heart Roy has also been selected to be a photographer in some of the greatest conservation photography project in the world, like the Wild Wonders of China. He is also part of the great conservation initiative Photographers Against Wildlife Crime, and is a contributing photographer for the Earth Project. Since 2021 Roy has been part of the Sony Nordic conservation photography initiative Sony Nordic Wildlife Explorers.

Roy is selling his images through the two pictures libraries NTB Scanpix in Norway and Nature Picture Library in the rest of the world.

Selected lectures:
–       Photography Experts, UK online – 2021 (multiple talks)
–       Nordic Nature Photo Festival, Norway – 2020
–       Lowland Festival, Belgium – 2019
–       Nordic Light Photo Festival, Norway – 2018
–       Mangshi University teaching program, China (eco-tourisme) – 2017
–       Beauty Nature of Dehong, Mangshi, China (eco-tourism convention) – 2016
–       Finnish Photography of the Year, Finland – 2016
–       Liminka Bay festival, Finland – 2015
–       GDT photo festival, Germany – 2014
–       Scottich Nature Photo Festival – 2014
–       I Am Photographer festival, Estonia – 2014
–       Fotofestivalen, Denmark – 2013
–       I Am Photographer festival, Estonia – 2013

–       “International White Swan festival 2017” in Sanmenxia, China / Into the wild
–       “Photo 2016” in Beijing, China / Penguin world
–       Solo exhibition in Longyearbyen, Norway / Frozen in Time
–       Private exhibition in Stavanger, Norway / Frozen in Time
–       “Photo 2015 “in Beijing, China / Svalbard impressions
–       Gallery Lista 2015, Norway / Wildlife in White
–       Private exhibition for NGO Boliviafamilien, Norway / Bolivia, Into the unknown
–       Viborg 2013, Denmark / Musk Ox
–       Private gallery Longyearbyen, Norway / Svalbard

Associated brands:
–       Sony (Sony Nordic Wildlife Explorer, Nordic Ambassador)
–       f-stop (Pathfinder ambassador)
–       Stavanger Foto (Associated partnership)
–       Bruvik Time (luxury watches)

Sony A1
Sony 600/4, 70-200/2,8, 24-105/4, 85/1,8, 24/2,8
f-stop Shinn, Satori, Roller


For me nature photography is not all about pleasing my own need to create. Of course being happy with a picture is very important, but very often there is a story behind it that needs to be told. What separates a good image from the rest is when this story is being told to the viewer. If I succeed in telling the story I will be happy. A really good image needs to tell a story, and at best create a response from the receiver. If the image is living through the receiver, and not forgotten, I have really taken a good picture. I am always aware of the message sent through my photography, and consider my camera a very powerful weapon if used correctly. One picture tells more than a thousand words.

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  1. Hej
    Kommer till Svalbard i augusti 2017 och söker upp ditt galleri.
    Hoppas att vi ses då.

  2. Hello mr. Mangersnes,firste of all let me apollogize for my zero knowledge of norweigan language.My name is Zdenek Strycek and im amateur wildlife photographer.I am strugeling alot to find some good info regarding to moose photography in Agder.Via this side and the way to contact you here i would love to kindly ask you for help and advice where in Agder i could find some remote nd quite place for wildlife photography in Agder?Thank you very much for your help and wish you a great day

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