Why I changed to Sony

I started my career as a Canon shooter, and moved to Nikon in 2009 when I got to try the D3 and the D3x. From then onwards I have been very happy with my Nikon gear and I was even lucky to represent the brand as an ambassador for 7 years. However, I have seen a change over time that made me start rethinking…

Join me to Antarctica 2019

November 2019 I am leading a photography expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula with my fellow photographers at WildPhoto Travel. If you are interested in joining me on a once in a lifetime photography tour 1-14 November 2019 check out the details and book your spot on the WildPhoto website HERE!

DSLR movie from Mosvatnet

Since March 2014 I have been working on a nature production about the amazing Mosvatnet recreational area in Stavanger. My goal has been to document the amazing natural diversity found within the boarders of the fourth biggest city in Norway. The tracks around this lake is used by several hundred thousand people every year, on their way to work, exercise and for recreational purposes….

Nikon D810 first impression

Repost from blogspot As a Nikon ambassador in Norway I was happy to receive the new D810 one week before it was released on the public market. The same evening I went out and gave it a go in the bird cliffs outside Longyearbyen, Svalbard. I made a summary of my first impression with this camera and also a slideshow (from jpegs) and posted…

Photographer giving back

In English below I 2009 startet jeg et prosjekt i Bolivia i samarbeid med den ideelle organisasjonen Boliviafamilien. Denne er lokalisert i Sandnes i Rogaland, men har siden den spede starten i 1981 bygget opp 5 barnehjem og 19 dagsenter som til sammen gir over 1000 barn et trygt alternativ i et av Sør-Amerikas fattigste land. Min opprinnelig plan var ambisiøs, men på grunn…